From the website management.

Thank you for your continual support of Momoko Ueda.

Momoko has been an “official friend” of the Life-X campaign, from 13th May to 30th July, and throughout that time has received a great number of encouraging comments.
On behalf of Momoko and the whole team, we thank you for your participation and support.

The campaign ended on the 30th of July, however we will continue to upload photos gradually, so if you have a chance please keep following the site.

You can also view all the photos on display to date in a single album, the Life-X Album, via the following link. Enjoy!

Momoko has now completed the Ricoh Women’s British Open, and will participate in the AXA Ladies’ Golf Tournament in Hokkaido from the 7th of August.

We look forward to your warm support again this week.

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