I’m back on the Japan tour for the first time in so ages!!

I’m going to enjoy myself, and play fearlessly[手(パー)]

Hokkaido might be quite a trip, but if you can make it to the course, I’d love to have you here[黒ハート]

Finally, for some reason everyone seems to worry about me excessively but…

Yes, OK, I am frustrated with not being able to deliver results, but my heart is full of vitality[手(チョキ)]
I’m fine!! Right now I’m doing my groundwork, spreading lots of seeds!!

Now I just have to let nature take its course!!

I’m doing what I’ve got to do, so a win will come along.

That’s what I believe!

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That's the spirit, Momoko-san!

Do your play boldly in Hokkaido.

August 7, 2009 (JST)

by sam (2009-08-30 03:30) 

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