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Hi [ぴかぴか(新しい)]
Long time no see [手(パー)]

Kita-Ku in Kobe has been down to almost -2 degrees celcius [あせあせ(飛び散る汗)]
It’s so cold [がまん顔]!!!!

Just the other day I participated in the 20th anniversary competition of Pearly Gates, who always support me, in Chiba [るんるん]

I waited to take everyone on at the hole number 5 [ウッシッシ][パンチ] but I have to say, everyone’s swings were beautiful, and they were all such lovely, and fashionable people [黒ハート]
As an added bonus, I was able to have everyone participate in the guide dog charity I run [ほっとした顔]!!
I would like to use this space to thank everyone once again [右斜め上][右斜め上][右斜め上]
In future, I want to make a greater contribution to guide dog promotion, and in order to have more people take an interest and support them, I will be doing my best to get every birdie I can [ほっとした顔][手(チョキ)]

There’s less than a month to go until the new season begins!! !![ぴかぴか(新しい)]
Nori-san will be my caddy [右斜め上]
I really need to get even after some disappointment last year…[がまん顔][ぴかぴか(新しい)]
I have all my golf-wear on standby ready to hit the greens [ウッシッシ][手(チョキ)][手(チョキ)][手(チョキ)]

All that needs work now is my golf itself [ほっとした顔][ムード]
I will be working hard at the Academy again today [ハート]

The cold, cold weather is continuing here, [がまん顔][がまん顔][がまん顔]
so everybody please take care of your health [黒ハート]

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Home Safely

From the website management.
Thank you for your ongoing support of Momoko Ueda.
Momoko arrived home safely from Hawaii yesterday.

She seems to have managed to learn lots from rubbing shoulders with the world’s top pro-golfers at the SONY OPEN In Hawaii, and is straight back into training today!

We have received some photos with comments, recording her time in Hawaii, so here they are:

[ゴルフ]The condominium I used as my training base throughout the competition [ゴルフ]
Kalani Ocean





At a party.


From The Kahala, where I’m staying, around sunrise.


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Uploading photos from Hawaii!

I was lucky enough to play a round with my idol Adam Scott!



The day prior, I went and had my nails done!

Complete with “Hawaiian jewelry”!


Thank you Nadine-san!


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12th of January 2009

There are things I need to work hard on, in my own way, this year.
In fact there are countless such things [exclamation×2]
But if I improve each area, one at a time, I believe it will all come together to be fruitful [クローバー]

That’s why, in terms of my golf, my private life, and my English, this year needs to be a year of hard work.
If I think of what’s important to me now, first is hard work.
There’s nothing that people can’t achieve if they try.
I want to show that to those who don’t believe it.
That you wish, take action, and work hard continuously, it will come true…

So everyone please be watching [ハート]
I’m seriously gonna to do it this year [手(パー)]

Yesterday I spent a long time by myself on the beach here in Hawaii, thinking.

So many things filled my head, my chest felt all tight.

And the last thought that remained with me was…
That I must be grateful…[ぴかぴか(新しい)]

To my parents, who gave birth to me. To my parents, who encouraged me to play golf.
To my family, for their emotional support.
To my friends.
And to my fans and sponsors and all those who support me.

I want to keep this feeling of gratitude strong this year.

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Taking Off!!

I am just about to depart Narita [exclamation×2]
When I arrive in Hawaii, I’ll update my blog to let you know news I want to share with you this year [exclamation×2]
Please look out for it [黒ハート]

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Sony Talk

From the website management.
Thank you for your ongoing support of Momoko Ueda.

At this “Sony Talk” link you can enjoy scenes from the recent “Ai no izumi” event, as well as video images on Momoko Ueda acting as Sony Brand Ambassador.

Sony Talk

She also talks about her goals for 2009.

Please take a look!

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Here Are Some Photos!


Here are some photos!
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My Homey Home Town♪

As of today, I can update my blog remotely, on my mobile phone, so I’ll be keeping you regularly updated [わーい(嬉しい顔)][手(チョキ)]

I spent yesterday with good friends in my home town [るんるん][るんるん][るんるん]

My home town is the best [黒ハート]
Kumamoto’s the best [揺れるハート][揺れるハート]

I need to train hard at Academy from today, so I think refreshing like this has been great [わーい(嬉しい顔)][手(チョキ)]

Well, I’m off [グッド(上向き矢印)]to Academy [ぴかぴか(新しい)]

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Happy New Year

The New Year is here everybody!
Happy New Year! [グッド(上向き矢印)][グッド(上向き矢印)][グッド(上向き矢印)]

For me, 2008 was a good year, a year when I could learn a lot.

To sum it up, last year was a year of learning.

America turned out to be bigger than I imagined, and a place with people from all over the world…!!

I feel strongly that I want to have a big win [ぴかぴか(新しい)] in this big country [手(グー)]

And that I want to try lots of new things, not just within golf – I want this to be a year of taking challenges…

And, I will, definitely win!!!!!!

To do that, hard work is needed, but I will be getting serious this year…

Please watch over me warmly [黒ハート]

I spent my time off traveling with family and friends, eating delicious Chinese food and more [揺れるハート][揺れるハート]

It was a really happy time [exclamation×2]

Let’s hope 2009 is a happy year for both you and me [ー(長音記号1)][かわいい][かわいい][かわいい]

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